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Entrepreneurship has been the source of our ever increasing standard of living.  Recovery of the meaning and processes required for a successful system of entrepreneurship, at whatever level of social organization, will continue this path for the whole of society.  It will also provide breakthroughs in enterprise performance.

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Sustaining an Organizational Transformation – slides

Slide show will be available here shortly.  We have developed a presentation for existing clients and prospects for their internal use.  Once these are tested, in the next couple of weeks, they’ll be converted for non client specific in house use.

Self Organization

Economists who have been advocates of entrepreneurism and free markets have been talking about self-organization for over three centuries.  These most famously include Adam Smith, Ludwig von Mises, Frederick Hayek, and Murray Rothbard. These and others have used the terms self-organizing and the invisible hand to refer to the operations of...


Entrepreneurship refers to a focus on using assets to provide more value to the market than others can do, that is, a greater return on invested capital (ROIC).  ROIC is the ultimate measure of success for an entrepreneurial enterprise.  It measures the overall social value of an enterprise.  At...