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Doing The Work of implementation is where the fun is. Yes. It is incredibly rewarding to release the talent, energy, commitment and communication in an aligned social environment with clear intentions. Struggle and pain accompany efforts that fight what is natural. Energy and joy accompany efforts that align with the nature of human beings in social organizations which have a purpose.

What this blog is about: We are creating a model which uses a pattern language for building from what we have to what we want to create. If we consider that an organization is an intelligent complex adaptive system, we might think of the activity as education and development of that entity. We will be working with what is natural, wanting to happen and the essence of an enterprise. We will be providing for its members what nurtures and fulfills them.

A pattern language is a linguistic process of living design. That is, the specifics will emerge naturally as we begin with the basics and work only step by step without trying to get ahead of a natural process. The emergence will feel more like assisting something to unfold than feeling like we are trying to change something.

These are the steps of a transformation. Transformation is a term in nature, sometimes referred to as “Emergent Evolution”, where the changes that occur can be dramatic or gradual but in all cases are expressions of what is ready to happen when conditions are right.

Click to gain an understanding of the terminology that will be used throughout this site. None are highly tech, few are even new, but the uses and combinations of these terms is what is unique.

What needs to be done? In what order?: Purpose, attractors, frozen accidents, energy and distributed knowledge are the keys. These are all common enough terms but they combine to enable organizational design which continually brings forth results ahead of your competitors in your chosen markets – and beyond.

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Sustaining an Organizational Transformation – slides

Slide show will be available here shortly.  We have developed a presentation for existing clients and prospects for their internal use.  Once these are tested, in the next couple of weeks, they’ll be converted for non client specific in house use.

Enterprise Model Development

To develop an enterprise model based in entrepreneurial theory requires foundational principles built around a theme.  Markets are self organizing and will organize around your theme if you get it right.  Your enterprise should be similar. These foundational principles influence and guide the independent energy and intelligence of the...