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Disruptive Technologies are the embodiment of new applications of science. The amount of disruptive power of these new technologies is increasing exponentially. The source of disruption is the speed with which technologies are being introduced and, even more, the emergence of new applications from the interplay of disruptive technologies with each other.

The rate of change is becoming hyperexponential. Moore’s law was created to help people understand an exponential rate of technological change in computing. It hasn’t ended yet despite those have been predicting its demise for decades. We can expect this even greater speed of disruption to occur in every aspect of business because of this multiplier of interaction.

Schumpeter’s creative destruction refers to the fact that each new technology replaces something that previously filled a need. The production element being replaced is reduced in value until it finally becomes worthless.

The rate of change is becoming hyperexponential because the sciences and technologies are interacting with each other and creating innovation in more and more places. The scope of disruption will depend on the speed of its application and the rate of synergistic employment with other exponentially increasing technologies.

To gain an understanding of the terminology that will be used throughout this site. None are highly tech, few are even new, but the uses and combinations of these terms is what is unique.  Many of the terms will acquire new meaning but without violating the previous meaning.

Disruptive Technology features: Scientific knowledge, communicative capabilities, loss of value in capital assets, organizational design, societal and organizational rights and freedoms, investment in innovation in both funding and resource allocation.

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