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: The significance of the ideas, language and models of Complex Adaptive Systems (CAS) is incalculable for obtaining the maximum benefits from social organization. The CAS’s that we will focus on are what I refer to as iCAS’s. These are the CAS’s where the most significant influencers and sources of energy are intelligent, free, independent human beings. This blog will explore the features of most interest to enterprises engaged in activities of production, return on invested capital and, most importantly, innovation that provides the maximum use of resources from a social perspective.

Click(T.I.S intro) to gain an understanding of the terminology that will be used throughout this site. None are high tech, few are even new, but the uses and combinations of these terms is what is unique.

Complex Adaptive System features: Purpose, attractors, frozen accidents, energy and distributed knowledge are the key factors. These are all common enough terms but they combine to enable organizational design which continually brings forth results ahead of your competitors in your chosen markets – and beyond.

Purpose is the overall goal that serves as the “North Star”. It embodies the identity of the company. Every action should be intended to keep that identity alive, expanding, enriching. It is not a goal. It is never intended to be reached. It is for providing guidance for action and for measuring results but will always remain “in front” of your enterprise and its members. The “adaptation” of a CAS is to adapt to its environment and to adapt the environment to the enterprises purposes and offerings.

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Sustaining an Organizational Transformation – slides

Slide show will be available here shortly.  We have developed a presentation for existing clients and prospects for their internal use.  Once these are tested, in the next couple of weeks, they’ll be converted for non client specific in house use.

Creating Attractors

Attractors are the “virtual magnets” that influence the energy moving through a system to create patterns.  The interplay of these patterns creates stability in the system and keeps its innovation from spilling over into chaos. The most important attractors in any social organization are linguistic.  Expressions of purpose and...