Disruptive Consulting inc.

“The Times They Are A Changing” by  Bob Dylan.  Funny way to start an introduction to a serious consulting enterprise.  However, if I went back in time and talked to Bob I’d say, “You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet!”

The rate of change has been accelerating since the 1960s, is now exponential and is becoming hyperexponential.  What does this mean to your enterprise?  It means that your business model will fall short of what is needed for the current situation  and the gap will only accelerate more rapidly over time.

The reason for this is the hyperexponential growth in knowledge and resulting technologies will affect pretty much any field you consider.  It will affect markets as well as how things are best done inside your enterprise.  New metals and material are being invented, created and applied.  New biological entities and components are being invented, created and applied.  New computing technologies are growing the same way.  Information storage, manipulation and applications are growing exponentially.  The combination of these fields is producing the current and coming hyperexponential rate of change.

The common mantra today is “smaller, denser, lighter, faster and cheaper”.  It’s everywhere you look.  The sciences and technologies are developing smaller and smaller units of manipulation.  In this world, Newtonian linear laws are no longer sufficient.  The new mantra covers all of these areas and, while it is early days for most of them, there are already many applications that have working models.  Mostly they just have’t gotten up to financial viability yet.  But that is not a large leap once working prototypes are made.

There is no significant commercial enterprise or activity that isn’t about to be dramatically affected by the new technologies – if it hasn’t already started.  I include education, medicine and basic production facilities as well as all the more obviously technological areas like, say, robotics.

What is seldom said, but is profoundly true, is that we haven’t altered our business models to be a leader in adaptation.  We are still organized for a much slower world confined by much narrower boundaries of both production and product offerings.  If you are leading or managing an enterprise of any size, the greatest difficulty you will have in the near future is competition that is already ahead of you in adopting these “disruptive technologies”and the enterprise models they require.

The choice now is to be a disruptive entity or to be disrupted.  In both cases, your existing capital investment will be victim to the competitive “creative destruction” of the marketplace.  The choice is to cause this yourself or have it happen to you.  The first way results in greater profits and ROIC.  The second way results in serious losses of both sales and capital.

Our group has been a leader in the field of organizational transformation for three decades working with large companies as well as early stage growth companies.  Our field of organizational transformation is being disrupted by the explosive growth of technology.  Achieving a transformation is no longer enough.  To survive and prosper, the enterprise needs to become a transformative organization, a constantly disruptive enterprise.

Your enterprise needs to be constantly transforming itself and transforming those that it interacts with.  You need to be internally disruptive as well as disruptive in the marketplace.

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